Client FAQ

Are there ANY fees that Clients are obligated to pay to LinkYouNow?

Client pays no fees to use LinkYouNow to find and connect with advisors and client pays no fees to use LinkYouNow to post RFPs.  Client may engage LinkYouNow to assist with the preparation of an RFP for a fee.

Are there fees to get linked up with Consultants or to post an RFP?

There are no fees for Clients to get linked up with Advisors or to post RFPs.

What if I am not satisfied with the services provided by a Advisor?

Client can contact one of the LInkYouNow’s partners and we will try to facilitate a solution that is fair to all parties.

Who has visibility or access to my information as a Client?

Client’s information is only visible to and accessible by LinkYouNow administrators and Advisors that perform services for you.

Why are there no fees for Clients?

Advisor pays a modest fee to LinkYouNow only when they are paid by Client for work obtained through LinkYouNow. Advisor is paying for business development activities conducted by LinkYouNow to find opportunities for Advisor to work with Client, to whom they otherwise may not have access.

Will advisors contact me through the RFPs I post?

Client information is not sent to advisors when the RFP is posted.  LinkYouNow will evaluate the RFP and will recommend one or more advisors as potential fit for Client. Client can choose to reject or accept LinkYouNow’s recommendation.  If Client chooses to engage advisors through LinkYouNow, Client and advisors are free to negotiate and agree to a mutually acceptable arrangement between Client and advisors .